2016 – ZONZO & Brazil

What is a Zonzo? Basically an award winning Cafe Cucina Pizzeria situated in an old dairy in the middle of a paddock overlooking the Yarra River in the middle of the Yarra Valley. Vista, Atmosphere, Food, Wine and run around space for the kids – will do it every time. We are delighted to fly

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2015 – An International Year

Father and 18 year old Son standing on the Northern axis of the world. Certainly a special moment and journey to share with Paterson – made even more remarkable by the fact that we put the balloon up together – with Pato as Pilot in Command. Celebrating our arrival at the North Pole GBA team

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1997/2015 – Special Shaped Flights

In 1996 in partnership with Damian Crock we established Picture This Ballooning as the corporate arm of Global Ballooning. Our first shape was Damian’s love child the Sherrin Football – followed by the Liberty House, Mike the Monster and the Nudie Balloon. There were many spectacular flights achieved for clients around Australia before I got

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2014/15 – Victorian Awards

The Global Ballooning Team after years of trying to take out the top gong at the Victorian Tourism Awards for the Best Tour and Transport Operator in the state finally went back to back in 2014 and 2015. Fantastic recognition to the years of dedication by many staff to make the company the best it

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2014 – Skywhale

Skywhale at dark MOFO in Hobart with Steve Ireland at the helm – by the time this picture was taken I was in Russia after waiting 4 days for the rain to stop. Photo by Peter Hennessy Gunning – NSW Skywhale at dark MOFO in Hobart with Steve Ireland at the helm – by the

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2013 – Centenary of Canberra

Photo Richard I’Anson

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2012 – 15 North Pole

Kiff and Viktor flying the GB flag. Our Balloon is finally up at the North Pole with our Nuclear Ice Breaker the 50 let Pobedy keeping us secure from flying off over the giant ice desert. Icebreaker parked nicely in the ice. The North Pole Celebration Circle – 5 days at sea – 3 days

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2011 – Festivals & Qatar

Spring Fashion week is a great time to be around Melbourne – the team had fun working with MCC in creating the look for the 2011 Fashion week 2011 Asian Cup in DOHA

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2010 – Lake Eyre South

In July 2010 whilst still on crutches we took off for the Lake Eyre Basin to attempt to celebrate my first balloon flight after my accident. With numerous family and friends we camped on the edge of Lake Eyre South in preparation of a flight over the rare water that had flowed down from Queensland

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2009 – Lake George

Having been asked to head to Canberra to film on the dry basin of Lake George for a Qantas Rewards TVC –  Deano, Bourkey and Andrew Chapman jumped at the chance to join me for a road trip. A moody stormy day provided us with a challenge to get the job done but in the

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2007 – When Love Comes to Town

On the 25th Anniversary of John Lennon’s death I launched my LOVE child over Melbourne. The LOVE balloon was built as an affirmation for the people of Melbourne . At the time John Howard had committed our troops to Iraq which was something I was quite opposed to  –  so I decided to use my

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2007 – Year of The White 77

In the space of 4 months our new white Kav 77 had 4 new banner sponsors – there certainly must have been something in the air to generate such diverse interest in aerial advertising. Over LBG in Canberra St George flying high over Melbourne Samsung sponsoring the Melbourne Marathon and finally Kiff and Sean taking

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2007 – France

Scarlett flying down the river towards Chennonceaux Eddie looking out over Swiss Alps Glacier 3000

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Successful Australian Altitude Record by Hot Air Balloon at 33247. Pilotted by Kiff Saunders from Melbourne and Paul Gibbs from Sydney.
Paul is on the left and Kiff is on the right.

2006 – High Altitude

Hot Air Balloon Altitude Record Attempt, Mildura , Vic Successful Australian Altitude Record by Hot Air Balloon. Piloted by Kiff Saunders from Melbourne Comms by Paul Gibbs from Sydney Paul Gibbs at 32400 feet. Extreme Sportswoman, Heather Swan before the Successful Australian Altitude Record by Hot Air Balloon. Heather made a jump at 22000 feet.

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2005 – Chandon

Chandon became one of Global Ballooning strongest brand partners – purchasing 4 Hot Air Balloons over 10 years. Images of these fabulous balloons are seen all over the world and connect us with the rich history and association Champagne and Ballooning have enjoyed together. The first balloon flight took flight over Paris in 1783 some

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2004 – Mildura Worlds

In June 2004 – Australia hosted its first World Hot Air Ballooning Championship held in Mildura Victoria. Nudie came on board as the naming rights sponsor and we all piled up to Sunraysia to enjoy some fine living on a houseboat on the Murray river and also a little bit of balloon flying.

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2003 – Japanese TVC

Our dream Japanese client Kirin orders 5 new balloons for a three day TVC shoot and then sells them immediately after finishing at a 40% discount – there were a few happy Australian balloonists after we finished this job. It was another amazing exercise in fast moving production management – ordered two days before Xmas,

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2002 – Mike The Monster

2002 saw the conception of the Mike the Monster hot air balloon (a brainchild of Damien). It was commissioned by Buena Vista to launch the Monsters Inc. DVD in Australia. This project kept Crocko busy for many months dealing with all the legal issues with Disney in Hong Kong. Our PTB contract stated that the

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2001 – Festo

Festo came to visit in 2001 which involved many calls to the police saying that a balloon had  capsised over the Yarra Valley

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2000 – Millenium

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1999 – Uluru

1999 saw the GB team head up to Ulara Resort with a couple of balloons to meet up with Sean Darby from Alice Springs and his team to fly a large mount of guests of the Regional Radio Bureau. Our scheduled flying day ended up being too windy and the Alice contingent headed home whilst

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1998 – 28000ft

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1997 – Britannica


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1996 – Kathmandu and GB

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1995 – Snowy Mountain Crossing

11 August 1995 – Paul Gibbs (Kav 77 solo) and myself (Kav 160 with two passengers) took off from Geehi airstrip just out of Khancoben and flew right across the summit of Mt Kosciusko and down the Perisher Valley on a perfect winters day, landing right on the edge of the lake just outside of

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1995 – First Sponsor

First Sponsored Balloon In 1995 I was approached by Stuart Ord to build a balloon for Melbourne Parks and Waterways. It was a significant turing point in the companies direction as in my mind at the time I really thought I had hit the big time. It was always part of the dream to have

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1995 – USA World Champs

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1991 – 2016 Team GB

25 years since I first started this business with my dog and a mate helping out – I have been privileged to work with some wonderful staff. There have been many laughs along the journey along with some hard graft and terrific memories of people, places and strange happenings. 2011 GBA balloon pilots and crew

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1990 – 94 Mildura

Darryl, Deirdre, Ian, Kiff and Liz – Mad Scientists in 1990. Mildura 1994 teaching Chris Shorten the secret of ballooning. This picture was taken after landing my Kavanagh 56 – VH-EEG on a bush track. Note the old Cameron Basket – this was my first small basket.These two wonderful women are Robyn McKenzie and Suzie

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1994 – NZ

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1993 – Worlds Lux

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1999 – Balloon Barnstorming

The idea of Balloon Barnstorming came from Richard Bach’s inspirational book Illusions. I loved the romantic nature of a barnstorming life so began the idea of being travelling balloon troubadours. We were everywhere – selling our flights for anything that would work for us to keep us going. Accommodation, food, petrol and even a little

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1991 – Balloon North West

This image formed the basis of the Balloon North West logo. These images are all of the early days of Global Ballooning which was -at the time – called Balloon North West. I had purchased Balloon North West from three Tasmanians from Davenport in 1991 along with VH-JSD a Kavanagh 105. This became my first

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1989 – Victoria Bound

This is my first ever balloon – A 21000 cu/ft cloudhopper which I used to get my hours up for my commercial balloon pilots licence. It was registered VH-WEE and was at the time the smallest balloon Flying in Australia. As you can see from the picture it is a backpack balloon – this means

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1989 – Saga Worlds

One of the most extraordinary ballooning experiences of my life 1989 Saga World Hot Air Ballooning Championships was one of the most extraordinary ballooning experiences of my life. I was invited to be a part of the event in Japan by our sponsors Elgas and by my pilot and mentor Asbjorn Damhus. He had wrangled

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1988 – Early Days

Picton is near my family home in Camden. This image was done for Good Weekend in Sydney as a double page spread on my life as a sole balloonist. My first publicity. Pony Tail Days with Robyn McKenzie Brother and Sister

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1987 – The Beginning

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