1989 Early Days

1988 – Early Days

Picton is near my family home in Camden.

This image was done for Good Weekend in Sydney as a double-page spread on my life as a sole balloonist. My first publicity.

This is my first ever balloon – A 21000 cu/ft cloudhopper which I used to get my hours up for my commercial balloon pilots licence. It was registered VH-WEE and was at the time the smallest balloon Flying in Australia. As you can see from the picture it is a backpack balloon – this means there is no basket – you only sit on a small swing seat. It certainly taught me how to land gently. It was an afternoon flight for the photoshoot with my good friend Jaimie Vale as crew. I took this balloon to many ballooning events in 1988 including NZ and was quite the attraction

Kiff Solo


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