1992 Balloon Barnstorming

1999 Balloon Barnstorming

The idea of Balloon Barnstorming came from Richard Bach’s inspirational book Illusions. I loved the romantic nature of a barnstorming life so began the idea of being travelling balloon troubadours.

We were everywhere – selling our flights for anything that would work for us to keep us going. Accommodation, food, petrol and even a little bit of cash. I would like to think that there are some farmers and humans out there that still talk about those mad couple of blokes and their balloon.

There was a lot of thought that went into creating out carnival style image – we really cut a figure out on the road with balloon in tow.  Sadly Jaimie fell in LOVE with Liz and left me high and dry with nowhere else to go but home.

With my great friend and ‘not so identical twin’ Jaimie Vale we took off to make our fortune on the road during the winter months when there was not much going on in Victoria.


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