Global Ballooning Pty Ltd developed and operated the Encyclopaedia Britannica hot air balloon schools tour promoting educational interactive lessons around a fleet of three balloons touring Australia. This also included balloons being flown in the UK and the USA.


11 August 1995 – Paul Gibbs (Kav 77 solo) and myself (Kav 160 with two passengers) took off from Geehi airstrip just out of Khancoben and flew right across the summit of Mt Kosciusko and down the Perisher Valley on a perfect winters day, landing right on the edge of the lake just outside of


First Sponsored Balloon In 1995 I was approached by Stuart Ord to build a balloon for Melbourne Parks and Waterways. It was a significant turing point in the companies direction as in my mind at the time I really thought I had hit the big time. It was always part of the dream to have

1991 – 2016 TEAM GB

25 years since I first started this business with my dog and a mate helping out – I have been privileged to work with some wonderful staff. There have been many laughs along the journey along with some hard graft and terrific memories of people, places and strange happenings. 2011 GBA balloon pilots and crew

1990 – 94 MILDURA

Mad Scientists at the 1990 Mildura Balloon Festival dress up day. Mildura was a special place for my early ballooning – I made many great friends and have so many wonderful memories of this city by the mighty Murray. In this picture are my wonderful team and hosts Daryl Kirwin, Diedre Blackmore, Liz and Ian…


The 1993 world ballooning championships were held in Luxembourg – I joined Paul Gibbs as his navigator. We wore slim pack parachutes given we where flying amongst 100 balloons. We managed to get some sponsorship from Philips for our communications so this picture is of me at work with competition map and radio. It was…

1992 Balloon Barnstorming

1999 Balloon Barnstorming

The idea of Balloon Barnstorming came from Richard Bach’s inspirational book Illusions. I loved the romantic nature of a barnstorming life so began the idea of being travelling balloon troubadours. We were everywhere – selling our flights for anything that would work for us to keep us going. Accommodation, food, petrol and even a little…